Saturday, 22 January 2011

The World's Worst Blogger...

...And the Award for the World's Worst Blogger goes to...... ME! I feel absolutely awful for not blogging in over 3 months :( And I know I have absolutely no excuse apart from being EXTREMELY busy with College, and struggling to find time to even indulge in life's little guilty pleasures.

BUT it is a New Year which brings fresh starts,
new goals and New Years Resolutions! I have made a list of my top 5 goals/resolutions for 2011, and this year I am determined to achieve them all :)

1. Limit myself to two indulgences a week. This includes chocolate, crisps, cake and all things deliciously yummy (and full of fat!).

2. Try and loose at least 10KGs by the Summer Holidays... Thus boosting my confidence and being ready to *Rock the World*.

3. Visit the beautiful city of Cape Town in July/August/September. Who has lived in South Africa for 16 years and has only been to Cape Town once? Beautiful weather, people, shops, restaurants and way of life.

4. Enjoy life more by going out, socialising and meeting new people.

5. Blog more often, even if I am exhausted and fall asleep half way through :)

It may be hard to follow and keep my goals/resolutions but I am pretty determined this year to just live life to the fullest, no matter what may come my way :)